The features of Domain Shield

The Domain Shield extension provides a trusted browsing experience that elevates your experience online by helping you evaluate the trustworthiness of any given website with valuable insights.
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Experience peace of mind with Domain Shield browser plugin! It's user-friendly, offering essential website safety features for secure browsing and e-commerce, ensuring your online activities are safeguarded. Unlock worry-free online adventures today!

Company Lookup

Domain Shield allows you to perform a domain Whois lookup and verify a website’s legitimacy with an ABN number check, providing you with comprehensive information and ensuring authenticity with the click of a button.

Popularity Rankings

Domain Shield allows you to assess the popularity and credibility of various domains with extensive online website ranking data, providing valuable insights into their relative popularity and legitimacy.

Trust Warnings

Domain Shield allows you to receive warnings about domains which may be dangerous to you online, including whether or not they have a trustworthy online presence with valid ABN/ACN information.

Review Tracking

Domain Shield allows you to view the latest star ratings and reviews on any domain with the click of a button, providing you with the most recent customer feedback and review ratings.