Supported Browsers

Domain Shield browser plugin is your security companion across Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Enjoy versatile protection wherever you browse, ensuring a safer online journey across all your favorite browsers.

Google Chrome

Boost your Chrome browsing security with Domain Shield! It's a seamless plugin that shields you from online threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Minimum Browser version: 120.0.6099.129

How to install Domain Shield to Google Chrome


Enhance your Firefox experience with Domain Shield! Our trusted plugin fortifies your online security, making your browsing safer and more enjoyable.

Minimum Browser version: 121.0

How to install Domain Shield to Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Elevate your Edge browsing with Domain Shield! This powerful plugin secures your online journey, protecting you from threats while you surf.

Minimum Browser version: 120.0.2210.91

How to install Domain Shield to Microsoft Edge


Safeguard your Safari adventures with Domain Shield! Our plugin ensures secure browsing, shielding you from online hazards for a worry-free experience.

Minimum Browser version: 17.2

How to install Domain Shield to Safari